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A broken relationship

I m a girl and was in relationship with a guy and it was long distance. Our cities were 500kms away as we had different colleges obvio. I liked him since school and we were really great friends all along and finally after 5 years of liking him I confessed him. He accepted and we went for our first date. Everything was fine but at the end of the date he asked me for a kiss. He said 'i thought I would kiss you today.' i refused and then we went home........Now after four months we met for our second date at a mall and after talking about a few things he said 'lets go to a room and watch a movie together.' i refused again. Now I asked him afterwards 'were you trying to sleep w me?'. He said ' didn't have protection as if that could have happened ' and 'thought of a movie cuddle date'.... thoughts? It seems fishy tho
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Just make it clear for him that it is not a thing you would like to do now.

Sometimes even nice guys who don't know what to do on a date just go that way because that's what you see in movies...
Talk to him about it.

Honestly it is a red flag, but I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just be more aware and careful.

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