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My man changed and idk what to do anymore

He was such a sweet man in the beginning writing poems for me and he was there for me, during that time he just got out of a 2 yr relationship and his ex left if because her parents did not approve of him so he was left badly broken… he did not take time to heal and somehow after some time told me that he fell for me and after some time i started to love him too. We have been in a relationship for almost 5 months now but idk what happened but he changed, he is not emotionally available and yes i do understand he is busy with his full time job but i crave what he gave me in the beginning. Now we barely talk and when we do he is sleepy and wants to nap. He confessed to me that he started to realise that he was still healing from his past and is hurt that his ex broke him so badly and i think he is reflecting it on me, he lives 3 hours away from me and last time i saw him was in January ☹️, this hurts me so much and said he will need more time before healing and it’s not fair because i don’t feel loved anymore and he barely has any time for me, he doesnt write poems for me anymore and barely gives me any attention, he claims that he loves me but words are nothing if action is not done, any advice on how to cope or understand what’s going on? He claims i am the love of his life but doesn’t even do the bare minimum 🥺
So you've been together five months yet also haven't seen each other in five months. That doesn't sound like a relationship.

Healing from your ex is something you do when single; not while in a relationship. Right now he isn't ready to be in a relationship, even if he claims that this is what this is. It isn't. You're essentially just being kept in reserve until he's ready. Either you remain off the market and wait for this guy to be ready to be in a relationship (if he still wants you whenever that is!), or you leave now. If you're still single when he's ready to date again, great! But I personally wouldn't recommend waiting on him.
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