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How hard is it to get into paramedic science in universities? I’ve wanted to be a paramedic since I was a young girl. My first choice is Liverpool John Moores
If you meet the entry requirements and have shadowing and relevant work/volunteering experience then you stand as good a chance as anyone. :smile:

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Hi there!

Paramedic Science has a small cohort (as do most universities), so make sure to really sell yourself when it comes to your personal statement.
If you have experience in hospitals, especially around the ambulance service, definitely include that! Show us why you want to study PS, what skills you have etc

Good luck! We look forward to maybe having you in the future ☺️

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Hey, :smile:

As mentioned above paramedic science typically have a small cohort and is a very competitive degree.

However, if you meet the entry requirements you can be given an interview.

For paramedic science it is important to explain why you want to become an paramedic and why you want to make a difference. Paramedic science is a intense degree and will require placements. However, by explaining to the interviewer that you are ready for a challenge and enjoy being on your feet all day dealing with a variety of different people and scenarios this can make you stand out as a candidate.

As mentioned above it is very useful to have some work or volunteering experience when applying for any healthcare degree. Check out this post which has some very useful links if you are interested in completing some work experience and volunteering to support your application:

Check out this post for personal statement tips and advice on how to put your work experience and volunteering into your personal statement:

If you are successful in securing interviews check out this post on generic interview advice, specific healthcare interview advice and managing interview anxiety:

Good Luck in applying for Paramedic Science and remember you've got this! :smile:
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So I was fortunate enough to be offered a place on multiple paramedic science courses for last years intake and for context I believe one university had over 700 applicants of which only 30 were given a place, and another had over 1000, of which less than 100 got in! So it is very competitive, however, I always thought if others can get in, why cant I? 😀 Good luck with it all! If you have any questions I can try and help!

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