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Nervous about having a male driving instructor

I've always had female instructors in the past but recent ones have been rubbish so can't stick with them and tried to get another but there are literally no female instructors available that I haven't had before, they're all fully booked and have long waiting lists which I can't wait for as I've got my test booked. I've already wasted a few weeks looking for another instructor but there's only male instructors available so I've booked now with a male and I'm so nervous as I've never had a male instructor before and also worried he won't be good. Like I've wasted the past few months having lessons on and off with different instructors cos they're rubbish so unprofessional like they're either always late or have a stupid teaching method that they made up which would probably result in an instant fail had I had a test and used it i, they're really chatty, like they want to get to know me and talk to me while driving and distract me from the road and they have a go at me when theyre the ones at fault for distracting me. I want to keep it professional and focus on the driving, it's just a waste of my time otherwise like the last one was always late, taking calls during the lesson, distracting me from the road and then I had a lesson booked but she didn't show up, I thought maybe I got the date and time wrong and contacted her to ask her when the booked lesson was and she acted as if nothing had happened and she was available for a lesson later that day but I said I couldn't make that and started looking for a new instructor. Are male instructors any good or the same? This will be my 5th instructor, it's ridiculous at this point with my test looming close and me being nowhere near ready to take it. If the instructors had been any good I would have made alot of progress by now but haven't with the on/off lessons. Hoping this male one is good, if he is and I have lessons every week until the test then I should be ready, I don't want to have to reschedule it because test availability is like 5 months so I'd have to wait longer. I personally dont I need that many lessons as I've had loads in the past, I've learnt everything, I just need to practice and prepare for test. I think I'm going to have a look at rescheduling it after I've seen the instructor, if he's good then I'll keep the test date I've booked but if he isn't good then I'm going to have to reschedule to a few months later idk or take a coursenear the test date idk
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Well the male instructors can be as good as the female ones, you won't know until you've been with them. If you don't like them you can always change its your choice.

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