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In year sixth form

Hi , I came to uk last week . I did my IGCSE last november and waiting for the results. I hope to continue my studies in sixth form school. So i applied to few schools to admit in term. But most of them not willing to admit me as it is almost one term is finished and they asked me to wait till next 2024 september intake.
But it is really time wasting for me.
So what can i do now, cant i join with the ongoing sixth form classes ?
What are the other options i have ?
Thank u
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"But it is really time wasting for me."
Only you can waste your time. It's up to you what you do with the time available before September 2024. You don't have to go to a college to study or indeed sit exams.
"I came to uk last week"
OK but presumably you must have known before hand. Autumn start dates are very common world-wide. Long term planning and preparation is a very good skill to develop. Overall it won't really make a great deal of difference to your life and as time goes by it will become less and less important.

You could use the time to improve your English - that would stand you in good stead for the future. Probably should add maths to that suggestion as well!

If your really keen it might be possible to enrol for the spring term but you will have to be quick and make an impressive case. Turn the 'few' applications into the 'many'. In any case such an exercise would be very good preparation for choosing the 'right' institution for you next year.

Good Luck.

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