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Someone please help me understand this message. Did he reject me?

"When you're young you live quickly. However, at some point as I see it, you may fall into a kind of cycle where you realise how serious things may be to you and maybe you need more time for feelings. You may experience something similar to others (does others mean me?). And this in return may motivate you to seek real stability."

My message to him prior to that was something along the lines of "Yes some part of you may die but that doesn't mean you can't bring that part of you back to life by healing. Maybe you stop having high expectations in certain situations and I too struggle with that. But you don't have to be lonely with that, there's always people who understand"

This all started by the way when he started talking about the mental abusive he suffered from his ex and I tried to tell him some kind words. But his last message was really hard for me to understand in any different way other than that it sounds like complete rejection to me lol? Like he noticed I want to help him maybe but when I said I struggle as well he thought "how is this girl gonna help me when she can't even help herself"

I'm scared he rejected me 🙃 Yes I asked him to elaborate but he's at work rn. Help
I don't have a clue either. You probably just have to patiently wait for him to clarify.

Cryptic waffle like that annoys me a little.
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Ask him.

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