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Learning how to drive a car

I must start here.
I was always BEYOND terrified to drive. I started taking therapy for it. And now my fear of driving is somewhat gone. But my problem now is of SKILL. I am not gaining the SKILL to drive. I've went to driving school for around 10 days, 30 mins each already and I can't see any signs of improvement.
I honestly wonder if I can ever learn to drive a car.
My problems goes as follows:
- I don't know how much steering to rotate so that the car doesn't touch the sides or objects at the side. That's honestly my main problem and I want to get rid of this problem.
Please tell me how do I do it?
Firstly u r not alone i 100 percent relate to this it can be really hard and takes a lot of getting used to.Have you tried automatic lessons? It really took the pressure off me.I know it’s so hard but it’s just practice practice pratice.As much as u can get the opportunity to go out in the car the better.Even if u cant get one 1hr lesson every week which is not always visible for me anyway going out with family etc can help.In terms of steering its just a light touch except i doing a manoeuvre but its hard to work out mabye ur driving instructor could help you ie turning the wheeel with ur hands on it so they can show u how much to turn as its different for each obstacle etc.As for making sure ur driving is in the middle i find it helps to concentrate on looking way further ahead in the road and sometimes cars beep when ur close to the white line so if that features on the car it will hopefully help.
Wish u the best of luck and hope this helps even slightly

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