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a boy i like says he dislikes me but still wants to text me from time to time

me and this boy who i like and is my friend used to get on really well together. we chatted a lot to each other and enjoyed each others company. he complimented me a lot and we met up a lot of times. he said he liked me and i was a great person but i think he secretly fancied me too. some signs he showed were he always smiled at me, looked at me in the eyes, got jealous when i spoke to other boys, teased me a lot, sat very close to me, helped me when i was struggling. he now says he doesnt like me anymore and doesnt want to be friends because i have disturbed him a lot when hes busy with his exams which i didnt know about and to leave him alone but he says he still wants to text me from time to time. when i see him around he looks at me a lot but we dont really speak

why does he still want to text me the odd time if he says he doesnt like me anymore? any help for this confused teen girl would be appreciated!!!
Hi there
It is up to you.
If you still want to be with him because you like him, tell him how feel about him and that you feel confused by his behaviour

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