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Question about uni choices (picking on results day)

So i have received 3 out of 5 offers (neither my first choice, but 2 conditional and 1 unconditional).

Because my unconditional is kind of my last choice, and I don’t think I’ll be picking it for my insurance/first if i get a reply from my other top choices, say on results day I don’t do as well as i’d hoped and i wanted to pick my unconditional offer (even tho i didnt put it for my first/insurance) would i still be able to do that?

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No. Once you pick your Firm and Insurance, the other offers disappear and you can't get them back.

However, if they made you a U offer while you are still taking exams, its likely that they are so desperate for students the course will be in Clearing - but no-one can guarantee that of course.

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