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UCAS Reapplication concerns

Hello. I am doing a level resits and reapplying to uni this year.

I realise this is super last minute but i have two serious concerns. Last year I wasn't able to get accomodation at uni (halls werent guaranteed since it was my backup choice). Since I'd technically already registered I took an 'interruption of study' before classes started, which would mean I could start and apply for halls for the next year. At the time I wanted to do resits because my results weren't great, but wasn't sure if this would be possible within my own personal circumstances, so thought interrupting would be the safest option for guaranteeing a place at uni.

Fast forward to december/january, I determined that I would be able to do resits. I decided to request to formally withdraw from my uni. Two problems have presented themselves - i was wondering if anyone who's had a similar situation (or maybe even works in uni admissions/ucas) could help:


Do I need to mention anywhere that I'm technically a uni student in the application? I have never attended a lecture nor literally even set foot on campus (or made/received any if my student loans for that matter) - I wasn't going to bother including this in the application but I am worried that the withdrawal process might be delayed until after the UCAS deadline, and I recently heard that not disclosing education history is considered fraud and can screw up offers.


Supposing I do, will this affect my application negatively (have heard some unis don't consider current uni students but this seems mostly anecdotal)? - otherwise would I be considered a transfer student? I've heard that most unis require some kind of transcript in this case, but obviously this is impossible for me.

I'm going to phone up UCAS, my current uni and a few of the ones I'm applying to on monday to see if I can salvage this but my experiences with their phonelines have been mixed to unresponsive so not expecting much :/
If you withdrew/suspended before the start date of your course then you didn’t attend the university and should not list it as a place of study.

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