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If it ok that I feel that my maths teacher is a father figure?

So my maths teacher is a teacher that I've had since year 7 and I feel like he's a father figure bc I've learnt to trust him and he just always has my back even when I swear at him or anything and i mainly started noticing that he's like a father figure in year 8 when I started to act up as he always had my back even if I was in the wrong and idk he just is always chill with Me he let's me drink energy drinks in his class, listen to music and go on my phone as long as my work is done,and I feel like I shouldn't as nothings wrong in my home life my mom left me in year 6 and I moved in with my dad but my relationship with my dad is fine we have a good relationship.

So I guess where I'm going with this I'd asking if its weird to uncommon or if I should stop looking at him like this.
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no i dont think its bad, as long as you dont cross a boundary i suppose :[ i also dont think this is uncommon. ive noticed people with fractured home lives tend to experience this, so maybe its due to the effect of your lack of two parents. but i wouldnt worry about it too much; cherish and respect this teacher as he does with you ❣️

i have a similar experience with one of my teachers who has taught me since year 8. you do tend to form these bonds with teachers who have seen you grow, and i personally think that is the beauty of education ;3
as long as he treats you as a student, a child, and nothing more, dont worry about it :smile:
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