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Hello I want to share a problem which I have. Recently I started a law degree in a university. I apply for student finance after 3 weeks the student finance asked more evidence they request a job letter for me from my job and they asked for my employer to cover the following information 1) the start day 2 ) if the employment is temporary, permanent or fixed term 3 ) number of contracted hours ( zero contract hours acceptable) 4 ) annual or hourly wage. I requested all this information to be included in a job letter from my job company.After few days they sent to me a job letter that covers only the start day and my hourly wage , and I emailed them back and requested another one with the missing information, and they replied to me that unfortunately they can't provide the information about my number of contact hours because as they said to me that im in a contract of service which is different , I asked them to include at least this information that im " in a contract of service" they refused as they said to me according to their policy they are not able to provide this information. This is a Human resources agency company im registered with them 3 years ago , unfortunately I don't have the copy of the contract may i have lost it , but in the past ( because this is not the first time who i applied for student finance) I requested the same thing and they provided to me a job letter which confirms that " im in a temporary zero contract hours" and I don't know why they are doing this now i still work with them .And I just want to ask what i can do now in order not to loose the student finance because of them to sue them ? To find another employer? Even if I found another employer now the student finance won't ask me at least 3 months payslips?

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