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My mom checks my phone again!

My mom usually checks through my phone because a year ago someone was harassing me and cyberbullying me. That was June of last year and as far as I know, she hasn't checked my phone since. I'm pretty close with my best friend and we both like each other, a year ago we stopped being friends, and when I told my mom she said she never liked her which was news to me. She knows we're friends again and disapproves. Me and my friend have private chats about things, they go through a lot and tell me a lot and vice versa but some of those things I don't want my mom to know. She checks my Instagram messages with all my friends especially that one friend. She knows everything about anything and it's annoying because when I ask why she does this she tells me that she's my parent and that she needs to. maybe she does this because of my bullying last year but she needs to trust me more because if there were a serious problem I would tell her like I did last time. but she doesn't understand that. i don't know what to do anymore because I can't say anything to my friend without my mom knowing every single detail. What should I do?
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love my mum doesnt even let me have a phone and im 17😂😭and i joined TSR secretly cuz she wont let me be on any type of online thing *talk about overprotectiveness*
i get u tho bcs it gets to that point where ur like u need to learn to trust me bcs one day ur gonna have to let go, and thats life yk, everyone has to grow up, make mistakes and learn from them on their own (not literally on their own but yk what i mean)
i think u need to have a conversation with her
if shes understanding or the type of mum willing to listen because it depends what shes like
but tell her u understand where shes coming form but at the same time u need ur own space to make ur own decisions etc.
Hope this helps x

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