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I cannot have live vaccinations far as i am aware unless alternatives?i require history for MMR & Chicken pox i havent had vaccine has only rolled this out in 2005 but think i am sure i have had measles & chickenpox i am 48 years old i cannot have live vaccines due to being on methotrexate any advise welcome i am awaiting records from gp/nurse have had all other vaccines available pretty sure had the above parents died young so cannot ask them is their any way around this at all or do i need to be take off drug to have them if not immune i think to be fare i have had this was born 1975 so would have thought so & chickenpox sure i had the infection as a kid? I have also contacted my rheumatologist about this issue as he prescribes me methotrexate.any advise welcome as worried i work in healthcare social care i am possibly going to go private for immmunity test .
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Surely occupational health would be the best people to ask? I'm sure you are not the first person in the NHS in this position and there will be a protocol in place. I would suggesting giving them a call.
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sorted this out private immune to mmr & chicken pox so fine thanks

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