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Work on customer service and team leaders are not good

I work in a reputable organisation i am just an advisor who does calls. We had something added to our workload recently the training was rubbish we have been getting different answers just nothing to really fully help. So we put to do the work and inevitably I failed some quality checks i think nearly everyone did but I got pulled up for it and another advisor by our team lead. They honestly switch and micromanage but if we are stuck nobody helps or their in a meeting, you put a question in the chat you don't get an answer but you have to return to the customer, cant put tjem on hold foe more than 3 mins. But if you make a mistake you get pulled up as if you've done it intentionally I just find it soo mean. Like help us then!! Anyone else in customer service feels the same that team leaders do not understand you. Really depressing I'm studying atm alongside full time work. I really want to have a job where my hours and work is not constantly being micromanaged despite there being no support. None stop calls are draining getting no support is just sad, then if you anything wrong your pulled up and it's not helping it's more you have to sort this out otherwise youll be on an improvement plan and then fired. Just sad how people on higher positions /pay grades just don't understand us find it very draining, belittling and sad. I also feel loud rude people can get away with things whereas someone timid, introverted is always an easy target.
I understand what you mean and honestly I agree with you 110% because it feels the same in my workplace, the organisation is massive and you hear so much good about it, until you start working there - where of course everything changes. It's the worst when they don't help out in chat because you just feel alone and stranded - might be worth messaging them directly to try and get an answer out of them or asking other colleagues instead - call after call is horrible tbh. Something that has really helped me is writing down a bunch of questions on everything I've been stuck on and then I've requested a meeting with my manager to go through things - but if support is that bad it is worth maybe going to the union about it or maybe start looking for a new job. My manager was very much like this with me and I am the introverted type, but one day I just had enough and stood my ground - not confrontational or anything but in a civil manner and since then she's been good with me. Good luck with things, I hope they improve!

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