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If you’re enjoying business why are you trying to switch to another combined language degree studying a language you don’t have any qualifications in?

Just switch to single honours business at your current university and apply for business elsewhere.
Original post by Anonymous234820o

I am a current student at a Russell Group University studying Spanish with Business. However, I haven't been able to 'take' to the Spanish language at all; I don't feel interested in Spanish and the structure of the course (agreed by many peers) has been terrible.

The business section has been tremendously better, the lectures are engaging etc. And this has led to the decision to switch my university and course because I'm unable to switch languages.

My grades are A*ABC - in Accounting, Business, Sociology and History, which means I would be eligible to study French (Level 1) with Business at most universities in the UK. However, I believe I have worked hard enough to secure another spot at a Russell Group.

Could anyone help informing me of the procedure to enter a new course in year one? This was such a late decision and the UCAS equal consideration deadline has passed. And the universities I would like to consider:


would be very competitive, especially for a business course. Should I still submit an application?

I have contacted the universities, but it might take a while to even get a reply. And I haven't written a French or Business personal statement (had intended to do law,) which means I need to act quite quickly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I don't understand why you want to change unis if you're enjoying business at your current uni? There's no guarantee the business course in any other uni would be as enjoyable - wouldn't you be better sticking to something you already know works for you? Have you asked your current uni if you could drop Spanish and do single Business there?
Original post by Anonymous234820o

I would be unable to switch to Management at my current university because I'd have to repeat year one with 80 more business credits. And nor would I want to because I want to do a language (French). You don't need a language qualification to study to do my course at any of the universities I said, and by the end of year 1 I would be at B1/B2 Level. I would like to know the best steps for switching universities.


You'll be restarting from year 1 at a new university too though. It's worth having a good backup plan to stay at your current university.

Does your current university offer any extra curricular modules in french language that would help you get a headstart?

Have you submitted your UCAS application yet?

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