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I can't stand my flatmate.. I need some advice!

My flatmate and I have been living together for a year, and it has been relatively okay until a few weeks ago.

Small things always bothered me, but I recognised it's the price of living with a flatmate. She is quite messy, leaves food on the floor a lot, food in the sink that rots unless I step in, and never reads any emails from the agency meaning I am the only person dealing with them.

But she always pays rent on time, pays her half of her utilities, and if I ask her to clean something she will. It's just that all of the mental load of the household falls on me and I am so tired of it.

But that's not the main issue. She constantly has people over, she is never, ever, alone. This means that I need to put up with whichever guy she's dating this month, basically living with us. They stay in her room but use all the common areas, like the kitchen to make food, the bathroom to shower and the living room to chill in. And she never cleans up after them, there are glasses and wine bottles all over the floor and board games and hobby items thrown everywhere too.

I just can't take the mess, I can't take the fact that I need to put up with random guys or groups of friends constantly (they have never been rude to me but they still impact my living space). It's as if she has no object permanence abilities, her and her friends' stuff is always all over the damn flat and it's driving me crazy.

If I ask her to clean up she will do it half-assed for a few days and then it goes back to chaos.

I cannot move out for the next 3 months, that's when our lease ends. Any suggestions to not let myself go insane would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading my rant!
might be worth assigning a cleaning rota to level things out in terms of house chores, you're not her mum and she needs to stop being such a slob. You could also have a cleaning time where everyone gets involved in doing a basic cleanup at a set time. In terms of stuff being everywhere perhaps assign a guest basket where all the stuff can be kept instead of everywhere it'll stop stuff getting lost, if she's leaving games out on purpose 'clean' the space by shoving the stuff somewhere she can't find it and make a mess of it again and in all honesty i'm surprised it hasn't got lost already - it's not the nicest but she's not being considerate of you and it'll teach her to be considerate of her own things. In terms of lots of people coming over, it would be worth speaking to her about it and ask her to not bring people over on certain days - good luck with things!

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