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Would you like a girl who is a friend of your best friend?

Hello, I’m seeking for men’s opinion. So imagine there is a girl, she is pretty, hard-working, ambitious… but your best friend is her best friend as well. So you know they are staying in touch, going out together.. but it’s pure friendship, nothing more. Maybe in the past your best friend liked that girl, but still she saw him as a friend because she actually liked you. The whole time she was having crush on you. And you know it, because she told you, you see her actions, body language etc. She is attractive for you from the moment you saw her for the first time, she is your type. But still you know that she is super close with your best friend. What would you do? Would you see your mutual best friend as a fence between the two of you? That’s why maybe you don’t want to do any move on her? How would you see yourself in this situation? Thank you all for replies.

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