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Paramedic Dissertation Topic Ideas

Hey everyone, I need help.

I am a 3rd year paramedic student and I currently have 6 weeks to write 6,000 word dissertation. I originally had the idea of writing about how dark humour is used in NHS especially pre hospital care. However, when actually getting down to writing I'm realising I've picked a super niche topic. My dissertation supervisor really liked the idea (THIS IS IMPORTANT AS SHES MARKING MY WORK). But, now I'm wondering am I making my life harder than it needs to be?

Does anyone have any ideas on topics either related to this or another way I can look into this topic?
Any other non clinical ideas I can explore?
Or should I be basic and do something thats related to race as I'm passionate about this too.

The whole reason I chose this topic initially is because markers are constantly marking the same things over the years. I knew If I choose a more "interesting" topic it would be new and kinda fresh for the markers if you get what I mean. Im also interested in it too.


Thanks guys
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I really like the idea too!
Have you managed to pull together some literature for this subject?
I would have suggested interviews but given that you only have 6 weeks, and would need ethical clearance, that isn't practical.
Can you find published materials to support your thesis that dark humour is used in this context?
Comedians with medical backgrounds (Jo Brand, Harry Hill, Ruby Wax).
Blogs / newspaper columns written by anonymous medics.

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