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how do you feel if someone you know irl swiped/liked you on a dating app?

there's this guy who is the best friend of my acquaintance (we go to the same swimming club but hardly see each other bc it's a big place). i've had drinks with them in a big group a couple of times, i always thought he was fit but he seemed quite reserved and i was shy and nothing happened. he just came up on my feed on a dating app but tbf i think he's out of my league, so i'm scared what will happen if i "liked" him: what will he think? awkward? what if i see him again in the club??
if you guys have experience being "liked" by someone below your league (for lack of better words) that you knew irl then i'd love to know how you felt about it!
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pls anyone? x
If you are potentially interested in him, this is an easy opportunity to make him aware of that. What do you have to lose?

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