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Boyfriend might be planning a road trip without me

We’ve been together 2 years and we really do everything together. It’s not unhealthy, we love each other so deeply and genuinely enjoy each others company.

His friend has asked him to go on a European road trip with just the boys for 2 weeks!!

I trust my boyfriend implicitly and the boys he would be going with (minus the person who asked) are very ‘geeky’ and not the ‘laddish’ type so I trust boyfriend and them but the thought of not seeing him for 2 weeks terrifies me.

He really is my rock and my world and I work and have hobbies besides him but I’m terrified. Also the person that asked him on the trip, quite frankly I’m not a fan of because when I was in his company he kept showing my boyfriend girls on tinder and telling him to look at their ‘arse’ which made me feel terribly uncomfortable.

Personally, I absolutely wouldn’t go in a girls trip for 2 weeks without my boyfriend and neither would they but obvs he’s a different person and I don’t want to be a control freak!

We haven’t really discussed the topic, I’m too scared to and it gives me too much anxiety! I would just miss him like crazy but I know how much he loves driving cars
bro, get over it and talk to him about it
Well... you say the high amount of time you spend together is healthy... but you're freaking out and terrified over a temporary change.

If you're not wanting to be seen as a control freak then you'll need to calm.down a bit and resist the urge to challenge him.
Why don’t you plan to FaceTime throughout.
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bro, get over it and talk to him about it
Innit bro. Mai Gee
Being apart from your partner for a fortnight should not instigate terror.
i assume your BF was the one who asked you out

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