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Student finance again?

Hi, I am completing my degree in acting and performance however I have decided to switch paths after and I am planning on going into midwifery and restarting again(also motivated by my own pregnancy). Unfortunately I don’t have the alevels required and I am from Italy so I got suggested to do an access to higher education online course in midwifery from September when the baby will be around so that I can move on to doing the actual course the year after. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if I will be able to get the student loan to pay for this access to HE course even if I had the undergraduate loan already. I know my second degree would be financed again as it is healthcare related but what about the access course? Thank you in advance!!
Hi sassamau,

You will need to contact our Advanced Learner Loan team to discuss if we can offer funding for your Access to Higher Education course. Their number is 0300 100 0619 and they are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm


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