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Countersignatory for first adult passport from overseas

Hi, i become british citizens by decent recently (UKF Form, British father not married to Thai mother)
Now, i want to applied for my first uk passport from Thailand. after i fill in my information in it say applied form Thailand take around 4 week to receive a passport they give me a application form and guidance to do so. Turn out in Thailand i need to applied in person at vfs.

My question is mostly about countersignatory, in guidance and appreciation form it say
The countersignatory must:
- hold a British, Irish, EU, US or Commonwealth
passport which has not run out.
-send us a colour photocopy of their passport
details page.

since i become British citizens by decent not naturalization it means i am in Thailand for my whole life and Thailand passport is not in that list and it seems impossible for me to find someone that have foreign passport and not being my related. What should I do?

And another confusion is that i need to give them including a colorcopies of Referee's passport which is kinda odd because after i watch and read other people applied experience they didn't require to send photo copies but UK will send an email to the countersignatory and ask for passport details and confirmation that thay indeed known the applicant.

So, anyone who go through the same process as me or have answers to my confusion please help. I will appreciate it alot

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