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Weighting for assignment - help needed with maths!

Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help. I trying to work out what grade I would need for part of an essay. Essay split between two pieces of work. I received 62 per cent for one piece, which is worth 20 per cent of the mark. The rest is an assignment with 80 per cent. Can anyone advise what mark I need to get to obtain a first in this assignment (I am on track for a first and the essay I got 62 per cent in is something which I have no experience in, which has annoyed most people on the module). Thank you.
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(62 x 20) + (mark x 80) = 70 x 100

You should be able to work this out :smile:
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Thanks for the response. I am so sorry to be dumb but does this mean I will need to achieve 70 percent in the assignment (I have dyscalculia, hence me studying English and Education....). If so, my faith has been restored somewhat as I have achieved 72 percent and above on all of my assignments. Thank you.

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