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My brother makes my parents mad and cry all night... :( Watch


    It may surprise you to hear this, but not everybody values family like you do.

    I don't value my bloodline at all. Only my sister - my younger one. The rest may be blood, but they aren't family.

    And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's his decision to make, not yours. I'm sorry it upsets you that he doesn't care for his parent's authoritarianism, but hey.

    to be honest your brother sounds like the sane one out of everyone in this story
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      (Original post by Anonymous)
      I would love to be able to contact her parents and sort it all out, but I don't have any contact details of her. Tried asking a teacher to get me the details, but obviously teachers wouldn't give out phone numbers or anything else to someone else. How can I possibly contact her parents? My dad actually wants to do that, but is unable to.
      Okay, what about your brother? Surely he wants to make things easier for himself and this girl? Why is he not taking her father's threats seriously?

      (Original post by nottedellarosa)
      Did he get her pregnant?

      Regardless - you should make him see how much he is hurting your parents and yourself. Or, send him to a boot camp (:
      I personally think it's more helpful to let him see the consequences of his actions, as an older brother, let him see the light and explain the possibilities of whatever he decides in. It would probably be good to talk to the girl too, tell her about the situation and how her father's threats would affect your brother. I guess boot camps may be too much for him, to be honest. You can read all about boot camps here to give you an idea of how it may or may not be helpful for him. I hope your family gets to overcome this problem soon.

      Your parents are being ridiculously over dramatic. Sure, I understand why they have a problem, but there's much better ways of going about trying to resolve a family issue than throwing a hissy fit and crying all night.

      I say this as someone from an Islamic background as well.

      I'm sorry your parents are having to deal with such an ass. iA things get better.

      This is a phase some Asian boys go through, trust me I know.

      Sit him down and talk to him, tell him what he is doing to the family, make him feel terrible about it.

      Pm me, I'd like to give you more advice, but not on the thread.

      For the people who say " tell your parents to loosen up" that's easy for you to say, but with Asian parents you can't just tell them to loosen up. Plus they're parents, it's not their fault if they're worried about their children. They have that right. You won't understand either, simple because you don't actually know what Hal lf the Asian parents are Like out there. They may be strict, but some of them are amazing parents, so listening to them once in a while doesn't harm the kids.

      Yes they're acting a little OTT, but I'm guessing because they're probably just scared for him? And they know they're losing a son if he's not showing any care for your mum.

      Anyway, OP, pm me x

      I have the exact same problem, but it's not with a girl really it's lots of things he just doesn't care about my family or anything . What did you do in the end to make him realise? My bro is 15 too and we have a few siblings and we are al being affected by it . He says if we don't let him do ( so and so) he will move into care.... Help . What did u do
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