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    Okay before I start, I know the best thing is to go to my GP. I am aware that no one can diagnose me on TSR. Problem is, this is an ongoing problem which no one has yet dealt with (it's been years) and I am not sure how best to resolve this issue which has been causing me pain and discomfort for way too long...

    So about 7 years ago I was recovering from anorexia. I am now 24. Anorexia caused me to have Raunauds syndrome. Prior to anorexia I was pretty healthy though got abnormally red when running long distance-maybe linked to my relatively low blood pressure? Since anorexia I have less hair (some grew back but it is a lot thinner now and more fragile). I have also had a whole host of digestive problems and immune system issues which I never had before.

    I started on the pill about 5 years ago. 4 years ago I started getting awful nausea symptoms. I would feel motion sickness when I drank tea, water, ate anything. I would have to lie down a lot. I was never physically sick but felt as though I could be. I went to the Doctors and the first thing I was asked was "are you pregnant?". Though I was in a relationship at the time, I knew this wasn't true. I was tested for helicobacter pylori and came out negative. I got tested for coeliacs disease and also came out negative. I went on a really long gluten free diet whilst waiting for an endoscopy in case I was wheat intolerant, this didn't fix much. I also had what seemed like reoccurring tonsil stones-sometimes when I swallowed food I would have an awful taste at the back of my throat, and would cough up very smelly tiny white soft balls...

    My endoscopy was finally confirmed but for a date when I was unavailable-I was on my Erasmus year, but I also no longer had the symptoms of nausea so didn't think it was worthwhile. At the beginning of my Erasmus year I had a very strange 2 week period in which I had diarrhea on a parr to that I had had in India years before. I couldn't eat anything without it coming out immediately.

    After this two week period I was strangely fine again. This lasted for over a year. A few year later I got those strange tonsil stones again but the nausea didn't come back until recently..

    I came off the pill when I split up with my long term boyfriend last year (September) and after a couple of months my period started to become really long and heavy. After a few more months (by February) my life was dictated by my periods-I was so super tired that I had to skip class and sleep all day a couple of days before the onset of my period, the cramps were unbearable.

    At the beginning of summer I got together with my best friend and we are now in a relationship. Towards the end of summer the nausea I had experienced a few years ago seems to have returned. It was not continuous but bothered me quite a bit when it was there. I also seem to be more susceptible to illness than I have been in the last year, it seems I am ill once or twice a month. The nausea disappeared for a while but a couple of days ago I got extreme cramping, constipation, nausea and felt really tired. I felt like anything I ate caused this feeling. I am worried that this is pregnancy as I have had unprotected sex, but I am also concerned as to whether there is some reoccurring virus/parasite attack which could be showing itself again. I am due to get my period in the next couple of days so if I get that then I know I am not pregnant.

    Any ideas what this could be/whether symptoms are linked/how I could try and figure out what it is this time, if not pregnancy (I hope it isn't that!)
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm assuming you've thought of it but it could just be stress related, or anxiety? I say 'just' but both of those can cause horrible nausea and other symptoms. Being in a relationship can be very stressful as well as nice, and I guess that could be your body's response to dealing with it or having more regular sex. Could also be lasting from anorexia and it's a 'weakness' so if you have something else that's what it affects, like I know if I have a cold it messes up my ears and chest whereas my sister will lose her voice. The only other thing is, have you tried to see if the same thing happens on a different pill? Different people react to them in different ways so could be taht. I'm no-one medical though, just random things I happened to think about so sorry if it's all nonsense!
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