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Terrible anxiety and emetophobia, what can I do? watch

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    I have been suffering with anxiety for a long time, but it really started to get bad around June last year when I was doing my GCSEs. I stress about everything constantly, and it's really starting to get me down. I also suffer from emetophobia, which is the fear of sick and being sick. I often find myself feeling slightly iffy because I have low iron and low blood sugar, and even though I know this, my mind is already darting around like : what if I have food poisoning? what if I picked something up? What if I'm pregnant? Then obviously this stressing makes me feel more sick and everything gets worse. Sometimes it can take me hours to calm down and I also worry that the feeling is never going to stop. I haven't actually been sick for years but I have always had this irrational view about it. It's starting to stop me from doing everyday things, and makes me want to stay home or inside most of the time. I avoid a lot of foods and I'm loosing weight and I'm scared this is going to develop into some kind of eating disorder. I am having counselling but I don't know how much it's helping.
    For instance, for the past 3 days I have been volunteering at a festival and havne't really been eating properly/haven't got enough sleep and I'm feeling extremely dizzy and nauseated. It's likely from being tired but I can't shake the sicky feeling, I feel so hungry but I don't know if I'm mistaking hunger for further nausea. I will be sick if I continue to work myself up about it so I need somebody to talk me down. I had some toast and peppermint tea which sometimes helps but I feel this heaviness on my chest like when I'm having an anxiety attack and I still feel so so dizzy. I just can't rationalise. Help?

    I suffered from anxiety disorders and emetophobia most of my life so I know what you're going through I also know exactly how much it can take over your life and interfere with everything, especially eating and drinking. Are you getting any kind of therapy at your counselling, such as CBT? Therapy/counselling can take a while to show any improvement but its worth sticking to if you feel comfortable with your counsellor.

    Also I would recommend joining some mental health based forums. When I was at my worst I joined a few and they were a lifeline for me and I was surprised how many people suffered from the same phobia as me. I thought it was rare but its not. Its nice to know you aren't alone and they can share their tips on how to deal with it as well. The forum I joined was No More Panic and they helped me tremendously with my general anxiety, emetophobia, depression and OCD.
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