Never had a girlfriend at 24 also a virgin

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    What's people's opinions on this? Is it weird? Would girls be turned off? I've been on dating websites and clubbing, but I've had no luck with girls.

    If it makes you feel any better I'm the same and 24. But then again I dont really give a crap lol.

    Go to the gym, dress well and act confident. Clubs aren't exactly the best places to look for relationships.

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    Not a virgin, but in the same boat pretty much. A321 is right; become your best self and you'll eventually attract the right people. Make sure you do other stuff than clubbing to open up opportunities (and be in places where you can actually have a conversation).

    Go to the gym for 3 months straight and then readdress this problem.

    It's not weird and it definitely wouldn't put me off. I don't think clubs and dating sites are the best ways of meeting people though. Have you got friends who could introduce you to girls?

    in the end, virginity isn't a really big problem; and if anyone looks down at you for being a certain age and not having sex then there's an issue with them and not you. if you're really worried about it, look at it like this: everyone's a virgin at some point.
    your best bet is to wait until someone you really like comes along (you don't have to go seeking love - it more often than not just finds you); and see how things progress. don't worry about it,, it'll work itself out i promise you ! :^)
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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