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Is he bored with me? Has our relationship reached the end? watch

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    So I have been dating a man for about three years now. In the past 9 months or so I have slowly started to feel less wanted. I am an attractive woman that is ten years younger than he is( also attractive). Past relationships I was always told how beautiful, sexy, pretty, etc I was. With him it is not like that. I don't need to be reminded constantly but I would like to know if I am wearing something he likes or if I have done my hair/makeup a way he likes. I have tried doing things differently like wearing makeup more dramatic or more natural or buying a new dress or wearing heels more. That got me a " you look pretty" once. I was very happy but still just once. I have told him before that I wish he would tell me if I was doing something he liked. Obviously not compliment me just to make me happy. He did apologize and said he wasn't good with stuff like that but he would try.( That was when I got my 'you look pretty') but nothing after that. I have even asked for him to go shopping with me or show me pictures of things he would like me to wear. Recently I sent him some nudes and after about 8 hours of no response, because he was busy and I understood that, he said thank you. I said my ego was a bit bruised because I wished he would comment and he said ' I said thank you'. So now I'm thinking I'm not fit enough or my poses are bad or maybe I'm not young enough anymore. It sounds silly saying it because I know I'm attractive and I get compliments often. Just not from the man I want them from.

    This has started to make me doubt my relationship a little and I don't want to. I ask if he's happy and he says yes that he wouldn't be with me if he wasn't. It also has made me start to be jealous( I never was with past relationships). Now anytime I see him look at another woman I get that pain in my chest. (A bit dramatic but you know what I'm talking about). I've even asked about other women he works with and has hung out with out of work. Calmly we have talked about it but he says he doesn't get why I'm jealous. In the moment I understand his side but then after I get sad thinking I'm not good enough anymore or he's bored with me.

    Well I'm sorry for the long post but I wanted to give back story. I hope another man in his position or a woman in mine could shed some light on what I can do or what I did wrong.
    Thanks in advance

    I think it seems normal that compliments would fade after long enough, but not completely.Maybe he just assumes you know what he thinks so doesn't say anything but it should have been easily rectified by your conversation. Maybe try talkingbto him once more about it and see if there is a reason behind him not saying anything, some people may just not notice they don't say anything or feel uncomfortable giving compliments.

    Good luck.
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    Straight up confront him you’ll never know if you don’t ask
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    If this is how he always is it doesn't sound like boredom, he just doesn't communicate the way you want him to. You have to decide if you can live like that cos it doesn't sound like he's going to change... you asking him to only generated one very weak comment so you're unlikely to persuade him to change.
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