Could I transfer to Med after Biomedical Science in another college

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I was wondering if this type of transfer exists: Do undergrad Biomedical Science for 4 years and gain a level 8 degree in one college, then transfer to Postgraduate Medicine in another college.

Or transfer to another college to do a postgrad on Biomedical Science since the college I'm in do not provide a postgrad for BioMed.
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Are you in the UK? I ask because you’re referring to “college”, and the US system is very different.

If you complete a biomedical science degree in the UK and wish to go on to do medicine, then you can apply for graduate entry medicine, an accelerated 4 year course after which you qualify as a doctor. It’s not an automatic “transfer” to do this- you apply competitively. Even if your own UK institution offered graduate entry medicine, it would still be a competitive application. And it IS competitive- so there are other things that are needed too in addition to successful completion of an undergrad degree - entrance tests (UKCAT / GAMSAT) and volunteering/ work experience, amongst others.

You also mentioned postgrad degrees in biomed as an alternative. It entirely depends on what you want to do as a career. To be a doctor requires a medicine degree, there is no other way. If you want to do laboratory sciences / research / similar, then postgrad degrees in biomed might be the way forward for you.

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