Is my mother lazy?

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Mom wants me to take my younger brother to hospital for overnight sleep thing (she not work at all and bro father deadbeat) I told her I might have to work and she’s telling me that the appointment is and night yet except me to take him still cause my young bro said she does not want to do it
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It's really difficult to answer your issue here, but I understand your Mum wants you to take your younger Brother to hospital perhaps for an overnight appointment for a sleep problem?

I don't know how old you are but how about give Childline a ring - Tel 0800 1111 or use their online service for some help here?

If things are really bad at home it might be better to give Social Services a ring and ask for your named Social Worker for the family or ask to speak to someone and explain what is happening for you at home right now? Are there any other family members who are more supportive for you?

I hope you can get somewhere sorting out the difficulties you are facing here.

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