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Autism and Occupational Health Clearance


I have received an offer for nursing, with the place subject to passing Occupational Health Clearance.
The problem that is I am diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I have adjustments in school. Will I fail the health clearance because of that?
Have anyone with ASD got through health clearance?

No, autism isn't an automatic bar to entry. I personally know of a few autistic nursing students/ nurses.
Have you disclosed your ASD yet to the uni?
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I haven't disclosed my diagnosis to the uni for fear of discrimination
Also, I have a EHC Plan for my ASD. Does it mean that I am more likely to fail the health clearance?
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it wont stop you. but you need to be honest with yourself what is difficult fo you. a lot of nursing is seeing and understanding non verbal communication. and social interactions.
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It's really reassuring to hear that!
Do you know what reasonable adjustments are available for students with ASD?

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