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i dont know what to do

im so upset
my boyfriend randomly has times where he’s mean, out of nowhere when we are on the phone - i tell him to stop and he doesn’t and now im sobbing my eyes out because he’s why does he do that to me, when all i want to do is love him, i asked him why he does it and he says he doesn’t know why. but oh my god it hurts so much, i love him and he treats me like this
You deserve to feel valued in your relationship and shouldn't have to be sat there crying about what your boyfriend is saying to you. Don't let anyone minimise this issue because your emotional well-being is so important. I recommend telling a close friend or family member who knows your partner and making a plan for this situation. He should be willing to change his actions if he wants to stay with you, you deserve peace <3
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You may love him, but you don't love yourself and he doesn't love you; he's a bully and will continue to treat you badly unless you really stand up to him. Sit him down and talk to him about what he does and how it makes you feel. Still does it? Ditch him.

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