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How long does a cifas maker last?
Original post by deniseleyton
How long does a cifas maker last?

Up to six years, but it depends in the type From the "Types of CIFAS marker and how long they last" section of this page:

"Not all CIFAS markers are the same. There are 8 different types with each one lasting up to 6 years, except for Victim of Impersonation and Protective Registration.

Victim of Impersonation: This is where a person has had their identity stolen. The CIFAS marker lasts for 13 months.

Protective Registration: Protective Registration is a service that the consumer pays for, for instance where they have been a victim of fraud. It lasts two years.

Misuse of Facility: Where somebody has obtained an account or other facility so they can use it for fraudulent activities. The CIFAS marker lasts for up to 6 years.

First Party Fraud: Where a loan, credit or other financial agreement is taken out for goods or services with no intention to pay it back. Again, the marker lasts up to six years.

Facility Takeover: A Facility Takeover is where a fraudster takes over a bank account in order to change the details or use it for fraudulent purposes. Six years.

Insurance Claims Fraud: Taking insurance out, for example on a property or a vehicle, and deliberatively giving false information. Six years.

Application Fraud: Any application that contains false details. This could be for example a fake name, address or employment history. Lasts for up to six years.

Asset Conversion: This usually involves motor vehicles and is where someone tries to sell something they don’t own, typically because it’s on a hire purchase or rental agreement. Six years."

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