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i can't do this anymore ...

i go to secondary school and there has been some ppl in my year who have bullied me/said mean things to me
i dont understand why they do it, i mean im a quiet person and didnt do anything wrong :frown:
im so hurt
I'm really sorry. I experienced similar things in secondary school - I have always been quiet too. I'm sure you've probably heard this a lot, but really, it does get better. Secondary school students can be horrible sometimes, for me, by the time I got to sixth form they had either gone to different colleges or changed a lot.

I think they do it to show off to friends, or just scapegoating. It is not your fault, only theirs. It's especially tough on quieter kids, teachers like to put the nuisance kids next to us to try to shut them up. That changes too. Once you get through the rough years it will be okay, after secondary school you have much more freedom. If you can, try to stick with the ones you trust - there are always people just like you

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