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how to avoid awkward situation with guy from society

i went on several "dates" with a guy from my society, i think he's into to me but i'm not. idk i thought we were hanging out as friends but apparently not. frankly it makes me feel uncomfortable so i don't wanna go out for dinner/drinks with him anymore but i can't just air all of his messages, and i've run out of excuses why i "can't make it on the Xth night sorry!". also complicated that we're at the same society and i do still wanna go to events...what should i do, or say when i see him next time? (soon hahaha...) we have no mutual friends just mutual acquaintances.
Tell him you don’t want to hang one-on-one anymore as you sense that he wants it to go in a romantic direction and you’re not after that.

If you don’t draw a line under it, it’ll always be awkward and he’ll be hanging on indefinitely.
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You have to be cruel to be kind and tell him clearly you don’t want to see him anymore

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