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women sizing

is a size 12 fat for 5 foot 3?
How a person's weight is distributed varies person to person. Someone could be the same height and clothes size as you and have a very different body shape.

In general though, I hear "size 12" and think average.
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Who decides what 'fat' is? The media, modelling agencies, the NHS, your family?

If you are anorexic a size 4 is 'fat' Size 12 is not 'fat' Size 18 is not 'fat' - Fat is a label determined by some faceless people in an office. The question you should ask is do I feel vibrant, alert, full of energy and clear headed?

If you consume all meals of pre made, pre packed processed foods you are quite likely to be disproportionately 'fat' because the addition of e-numbers and chemicals into food that play havoc with your gut and immune system.

Use your body system to the max every day. Be able to run fast, have strong muscles to protect your bone structure. Learn to cook and eat more foods made from raw fruit, veg, and protein - be that meat, fish, dairy, tofu, quark - Avoid processed fats, sugars and salt. Protect your body and immune system. Eat less but eat well and be active.

Aim to be happy, that is more important in this life. If you are lucky enough to have a functioning brain, eyesight, and intact senses at size 12 treasure them and make sure you nurture them all to last a lifetime.

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