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I did a DBS check and this happened.

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Original post by Boig3488
Basically, I committed a minor driving offence 2 years ago. It was the LC20 conviction. I did a DBS check and it never showed up on my enhanced check. Could employers still find out about this conviction despite it not being there and if the job was totally unrelated to driving? Thanks

its not a crinimal conviction it just stays on your license for a bit right? don't think it would be visible to employers unless they check ur license too for whatever reason?
It’s a non-recordable offence and so won’t appear on a DBS check

If your license was endorsed (if you had points added to your license) then you need to declare it if you are specifically asked about any convictions - the conviction (points added to your license) is considered spent after 5 years.

If no points were added to your license (if your license wasn’t endorsed), if you attended a speed awareness course instead, then you don’t have to declare as a conviction either.

Hope that helps

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