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Anyone have chronic illness, how doyou cope with constant unwanted bodily sensations?

I think chronic rhinitis is one of the most underrated diseases that disrupts quality of life. I know I am moaning but even despite maximum medical treatment (minus oral steroids) 80 percent of every single day I am either feeling an irritating sneezing sensation, blocked nose, or sensation of pressure/constriction right at the back of my sinuses.

I do have quite good airflow most of the time saying I am prone to polyps but even so I have this almost constant sensation of pressure/constriction at the sides of my nose . It is ok at work and when I am distracted but as soon as I get a moment to myself it’s all I can focus on - I can’t relax. I have seen ENT they identified polyps but don’t think it is bad enough for surgery.

They said the dryness could be causing the sensation (as daily nasal steroids cause this). However even with slime irrigation and a moisture spray the sensation remains.

At times I have thought what is the point in carrying on as my nose rules my life, I was told i’l have it for the rest of my life as it’s an inflammatory disorder.

Part of me is wondering if it is just me unable to tolerate it. So I wanted to ask do any of you have constant symptoms from a condition and how do you cope?

I don’t know what a normal nose feels like anymore maybe everyone gets slight pressure around there nose to some extent but that’s what I tell myself to downplay the issue
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