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Feeling hurt partner is away with her family without me?

My partner is away on vacation with her family for 2 weeks, I wasn't invited on this trip, and this has triggered low mood for me, including a lose of appetite and a lack of sleep, the feeling of 'behind left behind' and being unwanted is eating me up inside, alongside missing out as such. i've struggled with this feeling before, but now it has re-emerged and making me feel miserable. Any advice?
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Your partner is allowed to go on holiday with her family and without you; it doesn't mean you are unwanted or being left behind, so why would you even think that? Are you not on good terms with your family? Having close ties with a loving family is a good thing, as it means someone is capable of understanding and sustaining relationships with other people. How would/do you cope if she's away for any other reason, like work? How do you cope if you're the one that is away from her?

Don't ruin it for her by being miserable with her whilst she's away or after she comes back.
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