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Help ???? I can’t get over my situationship and it’s literally driving me insane.

We broke up in February (she ended up sending me flowers and wanting to try again but changed her mind) I had her blocked again, and it’s been a weird cycle of her popping up and viewing all my stories and blocking me since. I ran into her at a house party and we had a conversation about both of us not really being over the situation, and it did give me a little bit of closure but now I’m blocked again. I can’t get rid of the feeling that I wasn’t even good enough to try for and it’s left me feeling really insecure :// what should I do ??
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Its easy for me to say but seriously you are good enough and an amazing person but as hard as it is you need to move on, build new friendship groups and interests and look to the future, That special person will be out there but its clearly not this girl and that is going to hurt, it always does but unfortunately its all part of life's learning curve as cruel as that may feel at times.

Heck you can only control what you do in life, not the actions of others. I have no experience of same sex relations but same rules apply, its not that you are not good enough for her to try for, its that she isn't the right one for you hence her not putting effort in. More fool her i say but some just don't think...

I got dumped by a girl i really loved when i was a teenager, she didn't give a toss, no effort and sounds much like your girl. I'm not ashamed to say I cried buckets over her, i was devastated. Much Much later, after kissing a few frogs along the way, i found my wife, who is my best friend who i love unconditionally and we have something special, married 25 yrs next year. I have a daughter probably your age now who is Bi and going through all those same relationship pains, its just how it is and part of life. I still remember that first girl i cried over and if i could go back in time and talk to younger self, i would be saying "stop crying like a bloody baby, get back out there, forget her as you will do much better than her, you just don't know it yet!" if only you could live your life backwards hey...

I'm babbling on a bit but hope i got my point across? Please don't feel insecure, you have lots to offer, you are more than good enough for sure, ironically this girl is probably totally oblivious to how she has treated you, but as i say her loss, its wasted effort on your behalf to give her even a second thought. You are going to do better, so dust yourself down and get out there girl! It wont be long before you find another girl and you will wonder what all the fuss was about and when that special one comes along it will hit you like a ton of bricks and you will KNOW then that what you are going through now was not worth you feeling insecure over..

Good luck..

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