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Found out i am the object of casual dating

I didn’t mean that but i just naturally got into the kind of situationship and found out he already has a gf. Then what am I. I just became an object of casual relationship and villain to his gf at the same time. I must have been bothering myself about that.
I woke up just now and it’s only 4:45 am now. Arghhh 💀 isn’t it pretty normal to say that he has a gf in advance if he noticed something and stop inviting me to his house? Feel so bad and sorry and upset.
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He’s the one that has behaved badly. Just treat him with distain and find someone better
The position of casual hoe is nothing to be ashamed about. Please stop belittling the position 😁
Forget him and just move on unless you want to be the side piece.

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