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How do I tell my best friend I like him?

I’ve been best friends with a guy for a few years now. Him and his girlfriend split up a few months ago and I’ve recently started getting feelings for him. How can I tell him that without ruining our friendship?
ask him to meet up with you at a café for a catch-up. at that café meet, suggest that you two do an activity, like going for a long walk alongside a canal, or ziplining. something adventurous.

^ at that activity, then tell him your feelings and what he means to you.
Don't ever tell anyone how you feel about them until you're an item. There is no need to, and if they don't feel the same you will invariably wreck the friendship completely. I have done this twice in my life, and both times it unfortunately wrecked things and just creeped the person out. If you want to get with this guy you just arrange to hang out and when you are hanging out you will be tell if there is any romantic vibe. If there is the guy will usually make a move or you can make a move. But if there isn't you just went out once and you can forget about it.
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I think it is necessary to say it directly

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