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black sheep treatment

I don't really know if it's normal for asian parent standards but... is it common to become the black sheep of the household when they find out i have a bad grade for usually.. a week long treatment...? This is why I never tell them about school because I always remember the fear of going home after school. I got an E on one of my t level grades and honestly it's because i cant study with people around but i never had my own room. i dont know how long i can keep it from them now. it's not like i can hide away in my room from them, so i am always around them. i dont really know how i can fix this loop of problems anymore. public services obviously have people and only available during daytime.
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It depends what you mean by 'black sheep' treatment?

If you feel the response by your parents is unacceptable given that you do your best - it matters not what their origin or backgrounds are. There are universal expectations in the UK
of the kinds of support that parents should provide. You need to talk it through with welfare at school or college, and also to work out how you can get some quiet time and space to study. If you feel able to talk about what you need to study effectively at home with your parents I would do so.

Continual anxiety about poor performance will only lead to an unhappy life for you.

Childline on 0800 1111 to get non judgemental advice and help at any time (or use their website) - If you are worried about being tracked or monitored delete any searches, or calls made, or wait until you at school or college.

You need to get some independent help and talk through your options.

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