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Gym crush ghosted my text

There’s a girl I see at the gym all the time, she’s been my gym crush for like 4 months then I finally picked up the courage to go say hello.

To my surprise the conversation went really well and we were talking for like 20 minutes and even walked home together after gym

I asked for her number and she said yes so I got it and text her saying hello and she replied saying hey. So I then sent a text inviting her out to dinner which she left on read and ghosted.

Perhaps I sent the dinner invitation too early on and should have waited for us to text a bit more or perhaps dinner is too formal and I should have said something more easy going like a drink or coffee. But anyway the damage is done now.

I’m surprised she ghosted though given how much we spoke at the gym and the fact we walked home together I thought was a good sign.

I’m not sure what to do should I just send another text like “no worries if not, how’s your day been anyways?” Or what do I do, because I might bump into her at the gym again and I don’t want it to be awkward her thinking “shit that’s the guy I ghosted”
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How long since you texted her?
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Original post by Surnia
How long since you texted her?

2 days I text on Tuesday night inviting her for dinner Friday night and it’s now Thursday. So pretty safe to say she ghosted
Maybe wait a little bit to see if she will eventually text or if it takes longer just text her again if you are interested and don’t want to lose your shot and tell her are we good or anything else u want
Lol gym crushes become a thing
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Dating is full of unwelcome surprises. Leave the ball in her court and see what happens. It’s only more embarrassing if you follow up get ignored again and then see her

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