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Studying in Germany

Hi everyone!

I am new here and I am looking for resources / guidance on studying in Germany. I enjoyed taking my German GCSE and I somewhat like the idea of living in Germany, but I wanna know more. It's definitely not the only country I am considering, though!

Any experiences welcome! Thanks
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Wdym by that like, have u just finished ur GCSEs, do u wanna do an undergrad in Germany, do u wanna do a masters/phd in germany, what do u actually want to do there. Theres also where u want to go in Germany, I lived in Cologne and its a beautiful place, but there are so many options
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If you have the means to study internationally, I would highly recommend it.

Germany has some great schools and universities. I take it that you've just finished GCSEs and I'll presume you're looking ahead at University. I myself am studying in Sweden so I can draw upon my own experiences to a extent.
The thing you have to consider first is what you want to study. Most countries will have very few if not no Bachelor level courses offered in a foreign language other than their own. At Masters level, this tends less to be as big of a problem. If you intend on studying in the domestic language, you'll possibly have to get qualifications beyond GCSE and A-level. Depending on the subject of study and if that subject is thought using technical domesticated terminology (for example Swedish geological terms and working language are irrecognisable to their English counterparts and would only be suitable for the Swedish job market), then this extra training may be nessesary.

I've not done this myself and am studying one of the very few english taught Bachelor's available, but the experience has been phenomenal - sometimes the right education abroad really blows away that might be available back here in the UK. But it's not all plain sailing and issues like funding, immigration and legal beurocracy are factors to be considered very very carefully beforehand. But, if you feel you have what it takes then go for it and don't look back!

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