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I don’t know whether I should apply to KCL or UCL
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I am still a lower school student (year 9) but generally it depends on what degree you want to take ,your grades, if you like the campus environment etc. I think you should post more info so others can help you in a better way
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Original post by Sparklingroses
I don’t know whether I should apply to KCL or UCL


My advice when picking between different unis would be to look at the course - what modules are on offer? Is there flexibility for you to pick your modules throughout the degree or are the modules already set? It is also important to check the entry requirements at both universities so you know what grades will be required.

It may also be worth looking into what other opportunities/facilities both universities offer. For example, placement years, study abroad opportunities, societies you may be interested in, gym facilities etc.

While reputation isn't the be-all and end-all it may help you decide when stuck between 2 universities if the course and facilities are fairly similar.

Hope this helps,
- Florence (Lancaster University student ambassador)
I am eligible for the contextual offer and UCL has a lower contextual offer so I was thinking of choosing this but at the same time KCL has many societies I have heard
Hey @Sparklingroses :smile: Are you applying for 2024 entry? Which subject would you like to study?

If you're applying for 2024 then you still have lots of time to research. And you have five choices on your UCAS form so you can apply to both (and others!) and keep your options open still. Register your interest for any upcoming open days so you can go along and speak to admissions teams and find out more about the courses. If you can't manage this in person then there may be virtual events, or online ambassadors who can answer questions from you.

Try to think about what matters most to you and your student life and base your research around how the university fits in to the criteria you're looking for.

Good luck!!
- Caitlin :h:
Official University of Strathclyde Rep
Thank you for the help
Original post by Sparklingroses
I don’t know whether I should apply to KCL or UCL

Hey @Sparklingroses, how are you? :smile:

It can be hard trying to choose between different unis, but like the advice below I'd also say to definitely book onto some upcoming open days as you need to get a feel for the campus and see if you can picture yourself as a student there. At an open day you can then also speak to the academics who'd be teaching you and ask any questions you have, attend helpful talks and speak to current students as well and find out their real experience of being a student there.

Which uni course better aligns with your interests and career goals? What academic and personal support do both uni's offer?

Check out the facilities, the societies and clubs you can join, any work experience opportunities, placement years, study abroad opportunities.

I'd just emphasise how useful it'd be to talk to current students, but also alumni, if you can! And then ultimately just trust your gut, and do what's right for you. Take your time researching each uni and what they offer, and I'm sure you'll make the best choice for you :smile:

Good luck with the decision making progress, and I hope you have a fab uni experience.

Original post by Sparklingroses
I don’t know whether I should apply to KCL or UCL

Hi there,
Could Manchester Metropolitan be an option here ? Could you be persuaded ? What course are you interested in ?


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