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weight loss at uni

how can i loose weight at uni when we drink a lot and i still want to join in w the drinking part
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you can try not drinking as often and steer away from cocktails in favour of lower calorie drinks like a vodka soda? not getting a kebab at 3 am after a night out?

I mean uni is great cuz your buying all the food your eating so maybe plan ahead with your meals and try more balanced meals. try a sport? I've found bringing a healthy packed lunch and walking into campus everyday quite beneficial and I've lost quite a bit of weight since starting uni
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Maybe don't consume high-calorie drinks or don't drink as much as you do now. Weight loss, and maintaining that progress requires a lot of discipline. We have to cut out things we can't imagine living without. I gave up bread, didn't think it was possible but here I am, and I don't even desire bread anymore.

Also, you can have a lot of fun with them even without the drinking. Uni fun doesn't have to revolve around drinking. There are other things to do. Maybe cut down the time you spend drinking into two halves and replace one half with another activity.
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If you have really concern of losing your weight then you have to avoid drinking too much try to cut down ..
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lol. in ur case u can drink but then try to be on a diet. If you want to enjoy the drinking scene but also shed some weight, consider a no-carb diet ( ). It's not about completely skipping the fun; it's about making smarter choices when you can. Opt for low-carb options and maybe even schedule lighter meals on drinking days. Finding that balance is key.
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You can't lose your weight if you don't stop drinking too much at uni so you need to concentrate at your diet and make a routine of walking and running ..

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