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Insurance Uni choice

Hi!! Looking for any advice from law students. I was wondering if I need an insurance uni choice in case I don't get the grades/offers? I'm predicted 3 A*s in my A-Levels and I'm applying to UCL, Durham, York and Queens, and I'm not sure if for my 5th option I should choose a uni with lower entry requirements as all of mine require 3 As or above. Just wondering if anyone else chose a safer option? Thanks!
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You can always leave your 5th choice open for the moment - and add it just before the January deadline.

I'd still advise you to have a lower grade choice - you might feel very confident of your grades right now, but that can change very easily. Just because you are being predicted A*s that doesnt mean that's what will happen.

PS. 'Queens' - Belfast? or QMUL?

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