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about timing to apply to UCAS with NCEA Level 3 results

I am currently in class 12 in NZ, getting NCEA level 2 results, and will be in class 13 in 2024, getting NCEA level 3 results then.

Can I apply UK unis through UCAS in January 2024 and enrol to first year undergraduate course in September 2024, knowing that I have not yet completed the NCEA level 3 exam. Or I have to complete the NCEA level 3 exam by the end of 2024 and get the NCEA level 3 results in January 2025, which means I will be at best to start my undergraduate course in UK unis in September 2025. Thus I will stay idle from January to Septembef in 2025.

Anyone can help to advise if I can start my undergraduate course in UK one year earlier in September 2024. Thanks in advance.
The UCAS application cycle often doesn't align perfectly with international qualifications.

It's very normal to apply with pending grades, (so usually in your final year of level 3 study, in the UK this would be at college but might be senior high school elsewhere).

If you wanted to enter in September 2024 you would need to be able to provide evidence of the award of your results by mid/late August 2024 at the latest, (and ideally earlier to get your CAS/Visa sorted).
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Thank you for yor feedback, I will do so,
Original post by waiyingchan
Thank you for yor feedback, I will do so,

No problem. And just to also note that the deadline for guaranteed consideration is late January for entry later that same year, (although many courses stay open to applications after Jan).

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